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  • I am not good at handle high-tech product, but this software is very easy to use, i like it.
  • Very helpful software to transfer iPhone files to computer or iTunes.
  • The program is powerful to transfer files of different types from iPhone to computer/iTunes. The whole process takes only one minute!
  • It works pretty well on my Macbook Pro, awesome.

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How to export photo from iPhone to Mac with original quality?

The high-resolution Retina display on iPhone 4 gives your photos a place to shine. Whether you’re flicking through an album or zooming in to see the smallest detail, you’ll be amazed at how sharp, vibrant, and beautiful your photos look. And so will everyone you show them to. And your photos have never looked this brilliant. Take the photos you have stored on your Mac with you wherever you go. iPhone uses iTunes to sync photos from your computer to your iPhone, so you can look at them — and share them — from anywhere.

Perhaps every coin has two sides, using iPhone to review photo can make us into a dilemma, so we have to discuss this situation here. As if one day your iPhone breaks down or drop on floor or throw it into water with your clothes. How can you restore those photos. General speaking, the solution never be suitable while question is just happening. So you have to consider a safe approach to back up those photos before the accident will happen. And we can give you a best answser. When you Google, you may single out a brilliant product named Joboshare iPhone Rip for Mac , with it the question we debate just now can be cleared. It can easily allow you to export photo from iPhone to Mac with its original quality.

Step 1: Download and run the software

Free download this software ,install and run it. Once connect iPhone to Mac computer, you will see all the info about iPhone device such Type, Capacity, Version, Serial Number, Format, etc. are shown in the main interface. And in the left panel you will see all the iPhone library items are on the shelf, including music, movie, books(ePub, PDF, audiobooks), ringtones, voice memos, camera roll, photo and playlist. You can open any items to view. If you buy Joboshare iPhone Rip for Macand soon get the full version one, more detailed functions await you so much.

Joboshare iPhone Rip for Mac

Step 2: Export photo from iPhone to Mac

Open "Photo" library in the iPhone list, and you will see all photo files are shown in the browser. Locate the photo you like to export and check them without any loss. Press "export checked files to local" button and firstly select a target folder on Mac for storing files in the pop-up dialog window box, then when it is done, click "Save" button to start photo files exporting from iPhone to Mac for backup. A few seconds later, you will view your photo on Mac computer and the exported photo will be displayed with its original quality and size.

Joboshare iPhone Rip for Mac

Joboshare iPhone Rip for Mac

Tip: View photo in two mode

1) View in list: Click "view in list" button to review photo in list, the info about photo such as Name, Type, Size, etc. are shown in the list. It is easy for you to search for some certain photos in so many files.

Joboshare iPhone Rip for Mac

2) View in illustration: Click "View in illustration" button to display photo files as image cover form,
when the photo content are shown in the interface, you can locate photos which you wanna edit, manage, transfer in an easy and fast way.

Joboshare iPhone Rip for Mac

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