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User Testimonials

  • I am not good at handle high-tech product, but this software is very easy to use, i like it.
  • Very helpful software to transfer iPhone files to computer or iTunes.
  • The program is powerful to transfer files of different types from iPhone to computer/iTunes. The whole process takes only one minute!
  • It works pretty well on my Macbook Pro, awesome.

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How to transfer iPhone music/videos to iPod on Mac?

"I have an iPhone 3GS now and I am considering getting an iPod nano next month, but I don't know whether I can transfer iPhone 3GS to iPod nano. Does anybody know how to transfer iPhone music and videos to iPod nano on Mac?"

You must have come across such problems. There so many reasons why you wish to transfer music and videos from your iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to iPod, iPhone to iPad, etc. Maybe you get a new iPhone 4 and want to transfer iPhone music to iPod nano. Maybe you erase your music on your iPod nano and want to transfer music from iPhone to iPod nano. Maybe you really want to transfer everything that is on your iPhone to your iPod, because you probably won’t be using your iPhone anymore.

In order to transfer music and videos between iPod, iPhone and iPad, you need a Mac iPhone Rip to help you backup and transfer music and videos from iPhone to iPod.

Here take Joboshare iPhone Rip for Mac for example, other device transfer are the same as iPhone to iPod Transfer.

Joboshare iPhone Rip for Mac is an easy iPhone to iPod transfer. Within a few clicks, you can transfer your iPhone music/videos to iPod. All models of iPhone and iPod are supported, including iPod Touch, iPod Touch 4, iPod Touch HD, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano 3/4/5/6, iPod Video, iPod Classic, iPhone Original, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4. It also allows you to transfer music, videos, photos and so on between your iPod/iPhone/iPad and iTunes/PC, not only transfer iPod to iPhone.

If you want to transfer your iPhone music/videos to iPod then follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Download and run the software

Free download this iPhone Rip for Mac software, and connect iPhone, iPod nano to Mac, you may see the software can easily read and recognise both iPhone and iPod nano. All info about iPhone and iPod nano can be detected, such as device info and iPhone (iPod nano) library folder info. If you wanna get full version, please buy this Mac iPhone music/videos to iPod Transfer software and get the registration code.

Joboshare iPhone Rip for Mac

Step 2: Transfer iPhone music/videos to iPod nano

1) Open "music" or "movie" library in the iPhone list, and all iPhone music/movies folder are shown in the interface.
2) Select what you wanna transfer files (music or movies), and check them as shown in below illustration, please drag the checked iPhone music/video files into the iPod nano list in the left panel, when it pops up "+" remark, you should drop down and all checked files are transferred into iPod nano library.

Joboshare iPhone Rip for Mac

Joboshare iPhone Rip for Mac

Sounds Good?

Buy Joboshare iPhone Rip for Mac($25.00)

Download Joboshare iPhone Rip for Mac

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