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  • I am not good at handle high-tech product, but this software is very easy to use, i like it.
  • Very helpful software to transfer iPhone files to computer or iTunes.
  • The program is powerful to transfer files of different types from iPhone to computer/iTunes. The whole process takes only one minute!
  • It works pretty well on my Macbook Pro, awesome.

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How to transfer voice memos from iPhone to Mac?

You might have a good memory. But sometimes, it’s nice to have a backup. Record notes from a lecture, a reminder of when tickets go on sale, or a bet between you and a friend. With Voice Memos, you can record any audio you want using the built-in mic on iPhone or an external mic. Voice Memos will even record while you use your iPhone 4 to do things such as check email or surf the web. Capture a thought, a memo, a meeting, or any audio recording with Voice Memos. When you’re done, edit your recording, then send it via email or MMS. Go ahead, say what’s on your mind.

As you know, with Voice Memos, iPhone can record any audio files for storing. These recording audio may be very important for our life, such as audio info, lecture, meeting, temporary thought. Sometimes you have to save your iPhone space or back up iPhone info/files in case it be damaged or mended. As far as you concerned voice memos backup, you should search for a perfect program can help you transfer iPhone voice memos to Mac computer for backup. Here we strongly recommend Joboshare iPhone Rip for Mac and it can allow you to easily and fast transfer voice memos from iPhone to Mac or back up them into iTunes library. You can share those audio recording with friends, copy an audio CD or add them to iPod touch 4.

Step 1: Download and run the software

Free download this software , install and run it. Once connect iPhone to Mac computer with USB cable, and you will see all info about iPhone device such as Type, Capacity, Version, Serial Number, Format, etc. are shown in the main interface. And in the left panel, all iPhone library items are also on show in the list. If you buy Joboshare iPhone Rip for Mac and soon get the full version one, more detailed functions await you so much.

Joboshare iPhone Rip for Mac

Step 2: Transfer voice memos from iPhone to Mac

Click "Voice memos" button to open iPhone voice memos library and all voice memos are displayed on the main interface. Search for the files you want to transfer and check them without any loss. When everything is finished, press "export checked files to local" button and choose a target folder on Mac for saving files, then press "Save" button in the pop-up dialog window box to start exporting voice memos files from iPhone to Mac.

Joboshare iPhone Rip for Mac

Joboshare iPhone Rip for Mac

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